BCPD Trust volunteer tutor Kamil Ali receives British Empire Medal for services to Education

BCPD Trust volunteer tutor Kamil Ali receives British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to Education in the 2022 New Year Honours.

The British Empire Medal is a British and Commonwealth award for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown.

During the lockdown period in 2020 Kamil Ali has volunteered he’s time providing English and Maths classes over Skype every day, Monday to Friday for GCSE students. The students in he’s class enjoy he’s teaching method and like the way he explains complex maths as well as help with English language and literature. All the students have now returned to school, yet they continue with their tuition class after school.

The Trust has received very positive feedback from students and parents alike. One parent contacted BCPD Trust to offer a gift to Kamil Ali just before Eid. The parent was so impressed by the improvements in he’s child’s education.

BCPD Trust nominated Kamil Ali along with other volunteers for different awards as all our volunteers deserve to be recognised for their hard work. Currently the Trust has two volunteer tutors and looking for more to expand their tuition service. If you are interested in volunteering or tuition for your child, please contact enquiry@bcpdt.org.uk.

About Muhammed Kamil Ali

Kamil Ali is a young A-Level Maths and Science student currently planning to study medicine and preparing for interviews. While volunteering for BCPD Trust he also works one day a week at Luton and Dunstable Hospital and provides tuition 4 days a week at Luton Sixth Form College.

From a young age he has been committed to helping the community and disadvantaged children who need that extra help.

While other young people from he’s age group are playing online games with their friends Kamil Ali is dedicating he’s time to help others who are struggling with their Maths and English classes. This shows true selflessness and determination to help others during this difficult time.

He’s family is originally from Chowdhory Gaon, Biswanath, Sylhet, Bangladesh and now they all live in Luton, UK.

About BCPD Trust

BCPD Trust a registered UK charity based in Luton is inspiring young people into Education, Careers, Business and Sports since 2011.

The Trust provides KS2, KS3 and GCSE tuition classes, Sports and Social activities, Community Support, Mentoring, Advice, Information and Support for youngsters who want to achieve something in life.

This organisation is managed by experienced professionals such as Engineers, Lawyers and Training Providers who want to help the next generation from their community succeed in life and establish reputable and skilled profession.

The charity has been organising Free live interactive tuition classes for KS2, KS3 and GCSE students for many years. Visit bcpdt.org.uk for information about all their services.

Tuition Classes cover;

  • English and Maths
  • 2 hours (Sat 11:00am-13:00pm) classes for KS2 and KS3 students
  • 2 hours (Sat 11:00am-13:00pm) classes for GCSE students
  • Virtual Live Interactive Classes
  • Tailored for each student
  • Maximum 5 students per class