Contribute News is a news broadcast portal dedicated to the residence of Biswanath and the communities living abroad with ancestral roots to Biswanath.

This news medium shall primarily report news and events taking place in Biswanath or affecting the habitants of Biswanath or any community with ancestral roots to Biswanath.

We are recruiting reporters and photographers who can contribute original news articles and provide their own photographs related to news events. If you want to contribute news or photographs or want to become a regular reporter for our organisation then simply;

  1. Register an account online and activate it after receiving the confirmation email.
  2. Contact the Editor ( via email with your details.
  3. Once the editor approves your account you can use it to contributes news.

All reporters and photographers whose information is published will be credited for their contributions and will be mentioned in the article.

Regular reporters and photographers may be specially recognised by our Editors where the quality is of professional standard or for their dedication and support.