Electric cycle rickshaw donated to Darus Salam Masjid

On 24th March 2017 in memory of Late Noor Miah (son of Haji Asok Uddin) an electric cycle rickshaw was donated to Darus Salam Jamia Masjid, Tengra (Ali Para), Lala bazar, Bishwanath, Sylhet.

According to the Masjid Committee this cycle rickshaw could potentially generate an income of 4,600-5,600 taka per month for the masjid. This could pay for a permanent qualified Tajweed teacher to teach the local children and regular monthly payment towards the Imam’s wage. The remaining funds will cover any repair work and some money could be saved for future education projects.

The Masjid committee members (including their family) are working together to make this project a success for the children, youth and our local community. Source of this story is Darus Salam Jamia Masjid.