Biswanath OC Samsud Duha Providing Personal Safety and Security advice

Biswanath Officer in Charge Samsud Duha is actively providing personal Safety and Security advice to local citizens of Biswanath.

During a meeting with Biswanath 8UK Technology and IT secretary Sundar Ali (Nozrul) he stated that he is using social media and public events to promote personal safety and security by providing advice on how to stay safe and protect individual’s properties and belongings.

Samsud Duha is a newly appointed OC in Biswanath and he is taking policing to a new level by actively targeting criminals in hotspot areas and preventing many crimes from taking place in the Upazilla.

Interviewing a local resident MD Mamun Ahmed from Chwodhory Gaon, Biswanath, who said the new OC has changed the way policing is conducted in Biswanath and he is easily approachable and listens to concerns from residents. Other people from Biswanath have all provided positive feedback and hope the OC continues in this manner to eliminate local crimes in Biswanath.

Biswanath Police Station Officer in Charge Samsud Duha issued below emergency warnings and advice to all local citizens;

  1. Please use Biswanath Police Station mobile contact number 01777 632 298 for all Police related emergencies
  2. Every household should appoint at least one person to stay awake during the night to keep watch
  3. All neighbours should look after each other
  4. Electricity transmitters are at risk of getting stolen when there is a power outage and anyone living nearby should be made aware and to keep watch
  5. Any expensive items should be kept safe in the property so that it cannot be found by Burglars easily
  6. All village residents are asked to support the police during their toll duties
  7. If you see any crime taking place or has been committed, please notify the police immediately
  8. Please make sure thieves are not able to easily break locks to access your property and belongings
  9. Any motor bikes should be parked securely, and anyone seen tampering with motor bikes or electricity transmitters should be questioned about their activities and if needed reported to police
  10. Before and after going to sleep you should contact by phone at least two people to check on each other’s well being
  11. Bangladeshi expatriates and anyone holding a wedding event should protect valuable properties and ensure they have sufficient security in place
  12. All Biswanath on test motor bikes must complete registration by by 01/01/2018. Any motor bikes without registration after this date will be stopped and held by police.

This report produced by Sundar Ali (Nozrul), Biswanath 8UK, Technology and IT Secretary. Photo provided by MD Mamun Ahmed.