Biswanath 8UK welcome event for current and past Upazila Chairman

Biswanath 8UK an organisation dedicated to working for the habitants of Biswanath held a welcome event for current Biswanath Upazila Chairman SM Nunu Miah and previous Biswanath Upazila Chairman Mohibbur Rahman.

This meeting was attended by Monir Khan (Chairman), S.I Khan (Secretary), MD Nanu Miah (Treasurer), Prof Forid Ahmed (Senior Council), Sundar Ali (Technology & IT Development Secretary), Azad Ali (Sports & Youth Secretary), members, many distinguished guests and guest speakers.

The purpose of this meeting was to welcome our chief guests Upazila Chairman SM Nunu Miah and previous Upazila Chairman Mohibbur Rahman to Luton and provide a platform for our members and other Biswanathi people to raise any issues or concerns to the Chairman.

Many members raised concerns about the state of roads in Biswanath, rivers and public facilities and wanted to know what action current Chairman is taking to tackle those issues. There was also concern about Sylhet Airport and police corruption in Biswanath.

Upazila Chairman SM Nunu Miah addressed everyone and stated that he is working to resolve some of the issues delaying the construction of key roads. He promised to look into the river and lakes being illegally taken into ownership by land owners. He also promised to tackle corruption and asked for the support of all non-resident Biswanathi people.

Previous Upazila Chairman Mohibbur Rahman was very passionate about current politicians in Biswanath and warned that many are corrupted and that is the reason why many roads, rivers and public services are not meeting the needs of the inhabitants of Biswanath. He thanked the current Upazila Chairman for the good work he is doing and offered he’s full support.

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About Biswanath 8UK

Biswanath 8UK is an organisation based in the United Kingdom with interests and ancestral roots in Biswanath Upozilla of Sylhet District, Bangladesh.

Biswanath 8UK is governed by its own members agreed constitution and this prohibits participation or support of any political or religious organisation and their activities.

Aims & Objectives  

To unite all the habitants of Biswanath throughout the World, to work collectively to the development of its habitants, identify issues that relates to Biswanath, prioritise issues and find sustainable solutions that can be developed in a way that benefits the habitants of the Upojilla.

Learn from the history of Biswanath by highlighting the past achievements and focus on developing the skills and knowledge of the local habitants, improve computer literacy, establish local online e-commerce knowledge portal, provide vocational training, to allow habitants from Biswanath to communicate and trade throughout the World.