SCWS World 2017 Conference in London O2 Arena

SCWS World is the only event that brings together the entire small cells ecosystem to share trial and deployment experiences, build lasting business relationships with qualified industry stakeholders and provide a platform for exciting new product launches and technological developments. The event is exclusively endorsed by the Small Cell Forum.

Biswanath 8UK Technology & IT Development Secretary Sundar Ali (Nozrul) attended this conference in the O2 Arena in London.

Other attendees included Keith Dyer, Editor of the Mobile Networks, Mansoor Hanif, Director of Convergence Networks BT, Dr Fumio Wakanabe, Chairman of KDDI Research Institute Inc, Gordon Mansfield, Vice President AT&T and many more CEOs, Directors and Chairman of Technology companies from around world.

The panels discussed many emerging technologies leading to 5G mobile networks. This included Hyper Dense Networks, Massive MIMO, Small Cells, SON and many more leading technological advancements.

One key theme came out from this conference is that finally the networks are starting to deploy small cells which is crucial to the next phase of the mobile network evolution. This will set the path to 5G networks delivering low latency high capacity solutions.

This is a three-day event with mobile operators, vendors, manufacturers and other related companies from around the world coming together to discuss issues that affect the industry.

5G networks are expected to deliver peak throughputs between 13Gbps to 24Gbps much faster than what is offered by traditional fixed network broadband services today.