Rushanara Ali from Biswanath holds her seat in the UK Parliament

Incumbent MP Rushanara Ali originally from Biswanath won 42,969 of the votes in Bethnal Green and Bow, and holds her seat in the UK Parliament.

The buoyant mood at ExCeL London, where counting agents and party members waited in tense anticipation throughout the night, reflected the mood among Labour voters across the country.

Ms Ali said she was “delighted” to have been elected as she addressed crowds in the Royal Victoria Dock exhibition hall. She thanked her opposition candidates who ran “honourable” campaigns “free of smears”.

“This victory is an expression of hope over fear,” she added. “It’s also an expression of solidarity over division and intolerance.” Turnout was high with nearly 6pc increase for Bethnal Green and Bow, to 69.84pc.

Rushanara Ali is a UK politician, who has been a Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow since 2010. She was born in Biswanath Upazilla, Sylhet, Bangladesh.