Biswanath 8UK Committee Meeting 15th August

Biswanath 8UK an organisation dedicated to working for the habitants of Biswanath held a Committee meeting on Tuesday 15th August 2017 at Crescent Hall, Luton, United Kingdom.

This meeting was attended by S.I Khan, Monir Khan, Azad Ali, Sundar Ali (Nozrul), Nanu Ahmed, Azad Khan, Kodor Uddin and Goyas Miah.

The Executive Committee members reviewed progress of key Biswanath 8UK activities and agreed to hold the Inauguration meeting date on Sunday 8th October 2017.

The Secretary S.I Khan discussed new activities and plans for the inauguration date followed by the Treasurer Nanu Ahmed providing update on current financial status.

The EC committee encouraged Azad Ali, Kodor Uddin, Goyas Miah, Sundar Ali and Azad Khan to setup a sub committee to make preparations for the Inauguration meeting.

No date was fixed for the next committee meeting though regular sub committee meetings will be arranged as and when required.

All members will soon receive invitation cards to attend the Inauguration meeting where there will be food and entertainments.