Noshimpur Sajjadur Rahman Primary School offering FREE coaching classes

Noshimpur Sajjadur Rahman Primary School Principal discussed with parents of students about the extra coaching classes offered by Biswanath 8UK.

The main point of the discussion was to make the students of the school aware of the extra coaching classes and how it could benefit their education.

The meeting was attended by Biswanath 8UK Vice Chairman Sajjadur Rahman, Headmaster of the school and Assistant Teachers, Acting President of the School Committee Kamrul Islam Sahib, Bishwanath 8UK local administrator Nurul Islam and students and their parents.

In this discussion Kamrul Islam said that if you bring your son’s and daughters to these coaching classes it will benefit their education and the school and by working in collaboration with Biswanath 8UK we can make this a success.

The Schools chief guest Mr Sajjadur Rahman said that he would like to see all children regularly attending these coaching classes so that it brings good result for our school. Good result achieved in our school will improve the children’s education along with the reputation of our area. Children achieving good results will give their credit to Biswanath 8UK.

This was a public service organized by the people of the 8 Union of Biswanath, a social service based in the UK. Our objective is to make social work in the area of Biswanath.

To date the students of four primary schools of Biswanath upozila have been provided with extra coaching classes and these are;

  1. Biswanath Modem Government Primary School
  2. Gor Gow Government Primary School
  3. Daulatpur Government Primary School
  4. Noshimpur Sajjadur Rahman Government Primary School

Speaking at the meeting, Nurul Islam, who is in charge of extra coaching in Bangladesh said that Biswanath 8UK is responsible for helping 71 disabled people of Amtoil village in their first social project and these extra coaching classes are part of their second project which is planned to be rolled out across Biswanath upozilla.

Biswanath 8UK are piloting their FREE extra coaching classes across four primary Schools in Biswanath and aim to offer these services across all primary schools in Biswanath. The organization would like to encourage schools and donors to come forward and offer their support to roll out this programme and make it a success.

This report was produced by Nurul Islam from Gor Gow in Biswanath.