Biswanath 8UK Free coaching classes pilot scheme launched

Biswanath 8UK Free coaching classes pilot scheme launched in three primary schools within Biswanath upozilla.

The pilot scheme was started at Biswanath Primary School with 95 children,  Gorgow Primary School with 30 children and Dulotpur Primary School.

The pilot scheme will run for two months and will offer all primary school boys and girls extra coaching classes using qualified primary school teachers.

The launch event was attended by Biswanath Education Officer Mohi Uddin, Head Teacher of Biswanath Primary School MD Kobir Uddin and was organised by Nurul Islam.

Biswanath 8UK Executive Committee would like to thank everyone involved and a special thank you to Nurul Islam for coordinating and managing events locally in Bangladesh.

Biswanath 8UK would like to use the pilot scheme to develop and rollout this coaching scheme across all primary schools in Biswanath.

Furthermore anyone wanting to contribute and support this cause can contact the Biswanath 8UK Committee or email