Women’s Vice Chairperson supporting Biswanth 8UK Free coaching classes

Biswanath 8UK Free coaching class at Gorgow Primary School was supported by Biswanath Upozilla Women’s Vice Chairperson Sopna Sahin and Sahin Miah.

Also present was Gorgow Government Primary School managing committee representatives, Liton Miah Choudhory, Liakoth Ali, Shiraj Miah and the Headmistress of Gorgow Primary School Ummeh Kulsum, Rumi Begum, Hasna Begum, Sumitra Rani Dow, Shoabagmoi Dash, Shurna Talokder and coaching class teacher Asma Begum. Everyone attending including the children were pleased with the Free extra coaching classes made available by Biswanath 8UK.

These classes will help all children with their primary school exam preparations. The Women’s Vice Chair Person requested Biswanath 8UK to consider extending this extra coaching classes to all Biswanath Primary Schools as she believes this will help many poor children in Biswanath.