Biswanath 8UK Committee meeting 3rd October 2017

Biswanath 8UK an organisation dedicated to working for the habitants of Biswanath held a Committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at Crescent Hall, Luton, United Kingdom.

This meeting was attended by Monir Khan, S.I Khan, Sundar Ali (Nozrul), Azad Ali, Goyas Miah, Azad Khan, Enus Ali, Nanu Ahmed, Abu Monsur and Salek Chowdhury.

The purpose of this meeting was to make final preparations for the Biswanath 8UK Inauguration Ceremony on Sunday 8th October 2017 at Crescent Hall, Luton (12.30pm).

Meeting Agenda:

  • Biswanath 8UK Book
  • Discuss Rohingya appeal & goody bags
  • Venue setup and co-ordination
  • Food and refreshments
  • Guest & Member Invitations
  • Event Schedule
  • Quiz and Entertainment
  • AOB

Biswanath 8UK Book
The book has been completed on time and now submitted for printing. All the committee members reviewed a final draft copy and thanked the Lead Editor Sundar Ali (Nozrul) for he’s hard-work and S.I Khan and others for their support.

Rohingya Appeal & goody bags
S.I Khan updated the committee members on the progress of the T-Shirt printing. We all agreed to purchase a T-Shirt each and sell the rest during the event and commit 20% towards the Rohingya appeal. Furthermore, all committee members were requested to wear a T-Shirt during the event.

There is also a goody bag which would include a mug and other goodies for all guest to take home.

Venue Setup
Azad Ali showed the committee the venue floor plan and agreed with the committee on the seating arrangements and other equipment setup.

The committee nominated Goyas Miah, Abu Monsur and Enus Ali to meet, greet and register guests and look after VIP guests and their seating arrangements.

Food and Refreshments
Azad Ali discussed what food has been agreed and how it will be presented to guests. All committee members were satisfied with the food menu and planning.

Guest & Member Invitations
SI Khan confirmed that guest invitations have been sent out to non-members and VIP guests. All members are encouraged to make every effort to attend and support this event. Furthermore, SI Khan and Azad Khan agreed to call members directly and request their attendance.

Event Schedule
Azad Ali went through the previously agreed event schedule and made final adjustments to the days event. All the committee members were satisfied with the arrangements.

Quiz and Entertainments
Full details of the quiz questionnaire was discussed by Azad Khan and the committee nominated Azad Khan, Abu Monsur and Enus Ali to manage this activity during the event.

Azad Ali discussed the entertainments arrangements and what is planned for the event. The committee members were satisfied with the event arrangements.

Few other activities for the event was discussed under AOB items. This included ideas on how to raise more funds and gain support for all our projects.

If you wish to join this organisation please download, complete and submit the application form along with your admission fee.

About Biswanath 8UK

Biswanath 8UK is an organisation based in the United Kingdom with interests and ancestral roots in Biswanath Upazila of Sylhet District, Bangladesh.

Biswanath 8UK is governed by its own members agreed constitution and this prohibits participation or support of any political or religious organisation and their activities.

Aims & Objectives  

To unite all the habitants of Biswanath throughout the World, to work collectively to the development of its habitants, identify issues that relates to Biswanath, prioritise issues and find sustainable solutions that can be developed in a way that benefits the habitants of the Upajila.

Learn from the history of Biswanath by highlighting the past achievements and focus on developing the skills and knowledge of the local habitants, improve computer literacy, establish local online e-commerce knowledge portal, provide vocational training, to allow habitants from Biswanath to communicate and trade throughout the World.